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Paulys World

999 spiritually curated pieces of Art Hand-Drawn by StudioVerk

We'd like to present to you a unique project and collection created and operated by Swedish artist StudioVerk.

This collection is made up 150+ rare traits, specifically curated and hand drawn by the Artist.

The conception of Pauly has long been brought to fruition by the Artist and has been featured in many of his physical art pieces he's made and sold through out the last few years. Finally, a new platform has submerged just in time for Pauly to expand his world of friends as they breach a new life on the Solana Blockchain. Competitions will be held for holders after the full collection has minted out. Selected Winners will receive 1/1 Physical Art Pieces. The Artist has been known to use Designer bags and garments as Canvases, so who knows what he'll think of using for the Winners. Specifically curated pieces of the Favorite Pauly's World NFT held by the Winner? Probably nothing...

Will you join Pauly and his friends on their new endeavor into the world of Web3 and NFTs?


The Inception Of Paulys World Has Now Commenced

Minting Process Completed. 999 Nfts Sold Out

First 1/1 Physical Art Piece Created By Studio Verk.

This Piece Will Be Curated By The Artist And The Holder.

(Winner Chosen By Whomever Minted The Most Paulys World Nfts)

(Winner Will Choose From A List Of Designer Duffle Bags And Their Favorite Pw Nfts To Be Used. Studio Verk Will Then Bring To Life A 1/1 Physical Piece Of Art To Be Gifted And Shipped To Said Winner.)

Whale Games: A Goal Is To Have All Our Whales Dripping In 1/1 Designer Duffles Or Garments, Showing Off Their Favorite Paulys World Nft To Irl World… (Games For Whales Only Will Be Held In Order To Choose Whose Next To Win Thier 1/1 Physical Piece)

Community Games: Events With Prizes Paid In $sol And Nfts Will Be Held On Occasion As The Paulys World Community Grows (Members With As Many As 1 Paulys World Nft Can Participate In These Games)

25% Of Mint Sales + Royalties Will Be Kept In Treasury Wallet

(These Funds Will Be Put Aside To Further The Growth And Longevity Of The Collection. Here We Will Pull From For Marketing, Events And Other Important Uses Such As New Prizes To Be Secured And Distributed..